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C’est que je vraiment adore, c’est de decouvrir la region ou j’habite. J’aime rencontrer les gens, voyager et apprehendre les cultures differentes, mais il me semble, que parfois les histoires les plus attirantes ne se cachent pas vraiment loin…

Beata Warszakowska


Excursions populaires

J'ecoute mes Clients, mais je peux aussi recommander quelques itinéraires.

``Not too much time`` trip
If you have no more than 2 hours on this trip you will have basic presentation on the history of the city and see most interesting places.
Relaxed trip
If you want to visit the three cities, Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot (they are so different!), choose this option. We can go with my car, make some stops in most interesting places, drink coffee in a nice cafe and all that within no more than 8 hours.
Dedicated trip
World War II, Solidarity, ancient Gdańsk, modern Gdynia, Sopot spa.... There are so many ideas!

You have to love what you do. If not, do something else.

Beata Warszakowska

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